Conflict in Literature


As ridiculous as this comic may be portraying these trends, I find “modern” literature attractive. Particularly, the romantic movement and other turn of the century novels.



Conflict in Literature


As ridiculous as this comic may be portraying these trends, I find “modern” literature attractive. Particularly, the romantic movement and other turn of the century novels.

Anti-Art Episode 1: Script


Trying out a new show. Looking for people to proof-read my script to make sure it makes sense. Any grammar or spelling errors I’ll probably find when I record it.

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This J.R.R. Tolkein quotation would help:

"I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and have always done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence. I much prefer history, true or feigned, with its varied applicability to the thought and experience of readers. I think that many confuse ‘applicability’ with ‘allegory’; but the one resides in the freedom of the reader, and the other in the purposed domination of the author."

Allegory can be said to have the trait of authorial intent while audience interpretation is application of the thematic ideas expressed in a text. Allegory is only authentic if the events, characters, and stylistic content of the story resonates with its real life counterpart. Application of the principles of a story, such as an adolescent’s struggle against society’s label upon him, is a wide abstraction universal in its application. The wider the idea, the more fundamental it is in being relatable to any reader who recognizes the same theme being played out in their own life. The audience interpretation, which is individual applicability on a case by case basis, can turn that wide theme into “my struggle as a gay teenager against traditional labels” or “my struggle as a Muslim against Hindu labels”. The variations of the theme are endless and do not destroy explicit meaning of the original text; it only means that one reader may prioritize one aspect of the text over a reader who doesn’t pay any special consideration to an adolescent’s struggle against societal labels. The audience is free in their feeling towards the message of the text, but not free to replace or distort the message.

Authorial intent lives only in the text of the story. A story, in its proper sense, is an end of itself. It’s purpose is to present its specified characters and events and resolve its conflict without further extension of its contextual meaning–what an author’s real life political views are do not exist unless stated and supported in the text and art criticism by definition only deals with the art piece being critiqued.

Allegory can be associated with cultural influences, and authors have taken their fictional text to allude towards the popular events and ideas of its time, but it cannot extend further from what was explicitly written. To approach literary art criticism, we have to confidence in language having exact definitions and extrapolating their meaning in judging a story’s merit. Consistency and narrative coherence is primary in all parts of a story: theme, plot, characterization, style. All four are attributes to be integrated as the living sum of the art piece. A text that leans too heavily in allegorical devises siphons away immersion from its own purpose as an invented story telling its own tale. Too much cultural osmosis in a story endangers the tale to be short lived, losing its universality typically, thus becoming more likely to be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper when culture shifts away.


So yeah, I have more to say on this subject. I hope this response helps.

Would you ever review an Ayn Rand novel for its purpose as a story, aside from the political aspects?






her politics and her writing are pretty inseparable, especially since she writes like a 14 year old pretending to be meaningful.

actually even better, she writes like a 14 year old BSing on an essay, for like 500 pages.

Ooh, so I could give this lady the Life After Life treatment? Sweet.

Depending on which of her 4 novels you read, and one being a novella that has been adopted to comic. I would strongly suggest that if you are interested in checking out her works, don’t go Atlas Shrugged first. That’s really really long and only worth trying if you’re okay with her writing and ideas from her previous works.


So I just saw the latest MLP fan episode. Now, each of the big fan episodes thus far have all had a bit of a common problem: they all look pretty nice, but suffer from a severe lack of quality in writing. Dusk’s Dawn was all over the place, Double Rainboom had bad characterization, and snowdrop…

Holy smokes mate, I didn’t think you would give it the axe that badly. But you are right >_>

nice :)


Griffon a Hard Time

By Trickey Step

Gilda comes back to Ponyville looking to patch things up between her and Rainbow Dash. Gilda’s already battling her pride on the issue, but to make things worse she just happened to walk in on the girls in the middle of Twilight casting a transformation spell, changing the griffon into a pony! So, how much is Rainbow’s friendship worth to Gilda?

It’s an interesting concept to say the least and one I intend to follow. It’s a bit of a slow build, as of Chapter 4, she’s only still JUST become a pony and hasn’t even left the hospital room. The first person narrative is a little off putting since it only occasionally is written in Gilda’s “voice” and it can get a little repetitive in describing things (her pain after the transformation, for instance, is gone over far too many times).

On top of that, it’s kinda depressing. I was hoping for antics with Gilda turned into a pony and struggling to be nice to ponies that she doesn’t like for the sake of the one she does. Instead, she’s mostly either complaining about Rainbow Dash not looking at her or thinking about doing legit violence to the ponies.

I think this story CAN be good once it actually gets going, right now it just feels like its trying too hard to make a slow build. It just needs to get on with it already.

Responded to the comment on fimfiction. Thanks for the feature and feedback. I love your tumblr and check it daily!

Chapter 4 of Griffon a Hard Time updated!
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So. Much. Win.

God I love Gilda~

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